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A new series of stamping automation equipment

Since its establishment in 1982, CHIEF Automation Technology Co., Ltd. has been actively engaged in R&D and innovation in the manufacture of stamping automation equipment. In recent years, in response to the demands of the modern industry for high-tensile steel sheets and various special sheets and the challenges of various strict processes, the company has developed a series of stamping automation equipment to effectively assist the stamping industry to improve production efficiency and quality. And continue to expand the needs of customers at different levels of service.

High Quality & Excellent Service

Adhering to the persistence of creating a better future together with our customers, the company continues to implement the guarantee of “High quality and excellent service”and actively develops products with high added value and high profit.

Create a win-win situation

"Boundless" represents the company's commitment to sustainable service, which shows that CHIEFCO takes the customer's benefit as its priority. Together with our customers, we create a close industrial chain relationship and create a “win-win” endless expansion!


The company was first established under the name Chung-Cheng Co. in Changhua County, Taiwan, to maintain and rebuild small domestic and imported presses. Our maintenance and re-build services of older machines allowed extended longevity of machine's life and improved working safety.
In response to market demand, we developed the Rotating Cam Limit Switch to be used in various automated machines.
Due to business needs and lack of space, the first move to Taichung City. And expand the scope of business to the manufacturing, repair and maintenance of equipment required for all types of stamping automation.
Due to business needs and serious shortage of venues, the company moved the second time to the Fuxing Industrial Park in Taichung County. The company name was changed to Chung-Cheng Precision Co., Ltd. and expanded its range of service.
In response to the needs of outgrowing, the company factory was relocated to the current site in Wu-Jih Township.
Business continued to grow in domestic and foreign markets. The Company adopted the name Chief Automatic Tech.Co.,Ltd.,devoted to research,development and manufacture of press automation equipment mainly coil processing solution. Chung-Cheng Precision Co.,Ltd. still specializes in Rotating Cam Limit Switch and represents all kinds of domestic and foreign companies' metal forming related products.
Due to lack of space, the second floor factory in the neighbourhood was purchased to meet the fast and continuous expansion of the business.
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